Calling aspiring researchers!

Do you love challenges? Do you aspire to be a researcher? - but do not know how to conduct research or whom to contact to? - Well, here's your chance to work on a research project and co-author academic papers with professors from Stanford University and the University of California.

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The Aspiring Researcher Challenge is an experimental initiative by professors from Univ. of California and Stanford to recognize the potential of upcoming student researchers and exploring the possibility of massive research collaboration between the two.

The research program will run for roughly ten weeks, and will require accepted students to follow specific processes designed to run this initiative. Participating students will get to co-author research papers with the professors and experience the academic research process. To help understand this program, we've created an exhaustive list of frequently asked questions. Please click the link below to learn more.

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James Davis Michael Bernstein Serge Belongie Sharad Goel

Rajan Vaish Geza Kovacs Ranjay Krishna Michael Wilber Andreas Veit Camelia Simoiu Imanol Arrieta Ibarra

Paper Updates

This page is not updated frequently, for recent updates please check

- HCI full paper on Daemo Guilds accepted at ACM CSCW'17.

-HCI full paper on Daemo Boomerang accepted at ACM UIST'16.

-HCI work-in progress paper on Daemo accepted at ACM UIST'15.

-Data Science work-in progress paper on Wisdom of crowd accepted at ACM UIST'15.

-Comp Vision work-in progress paper on humans in loop accepted at AAAI HCOMP'15.

Other Updates

- HCI project's Daemo got into the finals (top 20 of 1,000+) at the Knights Challenge 2015.

- HCI project's Daemo is live on

- Data Science project is live on

- Students from our program got accepted for undergrad and grad school at MIT Media Lab (1), UCSD (1), Stanford (1), UC Berkeley (1), U. of Minnesota (1), Cornell (3) and more. If you want your info to be updated here, email me at

Important Dates

-Sign-ups for Comp Vision and Data Science project: closed

-Sign-ups for HCI project: ongoing, check for latest.

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Guest Talks

-Prof. Andrew Ng, Stanford/Coursera (26th Mar'15)

-Prof. Anant Agarwal, MIT/edX (9th April'15)

-Peter Norvig, Google Research (30th April'15)

-Anand Rajaraman, Milliways Ventures


-Cornell Tech